Sell Us Your Stuff

WE BUY! CASH PAID! Cash or Store Credit paid for your collections! Some of the items we buy include:

  • Video Game Collections
  • Vinyl Record Collections
  • VHS Collections (mostly Horror, Sci Fi, and Wrestling)
  • Cassette Tape Collections (Metal, Punk, Hip Hop, Alternative genres)
  • Comic Book Collections (1930s-1980s) Or various Key Books.
  • Vintage Toy Collections (Action figures from the 1950s-1990s)

Email us at for a quote!

If you have a collection you think we should see please send us a message! We can be reached through our email at or through our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Items can be conveniently brought into our Winchester store location at 41 South Loudoun St. in Winchester, VA. Or picked up as we do travel for large collections. Or simply boxed up and mailed to our warehouse. Payment can be made in forms of Paypal, Check, or Cash in Hand.